ADS: wxVS2008Integration

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ADS: wxVS2008Integration

Post by priyank_bolia » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:07 pm


We are glad to announce our new product wxVS2008Integration, the wxWidgets wizards for Visual Studio 2008. This is specifically designed keeping in mind the new requirements for Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Vista. This product is light years ahead in terms of functionality over its predecessors. It contains numerous advancements in the wizard itself and its compatibility on various locales and machines. We now supports new features and libraries of wxWidgets, DatabaseLayer, etc. It contains new programs like Resource2Code and CUpdateDialog and supports 3rd party programs like Inno Setup, Doxygen, etc. Please go through the detailed feature list:

* Support for latest wxWidgets libraries. (The only wizard currently to support 2.8 libraries).
* A highly customizable project wizard, to generate any type of wxWidgets project.
* Can generate Windows application (Frame/Dialog), Console application, Dll library and Win32 service or an empty project.
* Customize the wxWidgets library used, C++ Runtime library, Unicode use, User Interface.
* Additional support for wxAUI, Report writing and PDF generation, wxFormBuilder, Multi Language/Locale, Single Instance, etc.
* Program and Frame/Dialog caption icon, TaskBar icon, About menu added in the system menu, Auto update dialog, Splash screen, Tip of the day.
* Complete resource management like icons, bitmaps, version. Included Resource2Code program to automatically embedd images like png, etc. by zipping them and converting to C++ array.
* Supports the new VISTA/VS2008 specific features like UAC execution level, Code analysis and profiling, parallel compilation.
* More than 2300 wxWidgets keywords are added, for syntax coloring (find typing errors easily) and Auto Completion. Online help for the wxWidgets classes by just selecting the keyword and press help button (F1 key).
* Doxygen documentation generation feature, default config provided and customized for wxWidgets based C++ applications. Also generate and add, user documentation and help files, to your application easily.
* Debug memory management, to get the line number where your code leaked memory.
* Debugger support for wxString, wxRect, etc. expansion, and step over basic data type constructors.
* Generate map files and wxDebugReport to find the crash point in the production environment easily.
* Various database libraries supported like wxSqlite3, and DataBaseLayer for Sqlite, MySql and Oracle.
* Automatically generates INNO installer setup scripts customized for the generated application.
* wxConfig support in applications generated, for automatically remembering position & size, etc.
* Precompiled headers & customization for the file and class names to be generated.
* Windows VISTA/XP style manifest.
* Increase productivity and saves precious time. It also increases protability of your code, by settings the right configuration for your project.
* Supports Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Team Suite and Express editions. Plugins will not support Express Edition.
* Free upgrade for 1 year.

Please go through these detailed documentation pages about wxVS2008Integration:

* wxVS2008Integration
* Screenshots
* Resource2Code
* CUpdateDialog
* Doxygen support

Thanks & Regards,
Priyank Bolia

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
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free stuff?

Post by cppwxwidgets » Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:49 am

is there any free stuff like this to download?

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Post by Utensil » Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:40 pm

It's awesome! Fantastic! =D> And it isn't expensive~

But a free trial or a community version might brought better selling~

It's really a peak for any followers, Code::Blocks should at least implement some of its features...

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wxWorld Domination!
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Post by priyank_bolia » Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:36 pm

Thanks for the praise.
I would love to offer a free trial, but the Visual Studio wizards are HTML and so software protection or time limitation can't be applied. A trimmed down version would not show the real power of this wizard.
Regarding the Community version, its free for all open source developers with substantial contribution to wxWidgets.

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