[ANN] wxJavaScript 0.9.72 released

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[ANN] wxJavaScript 0.9.72 released

Post by fbronx » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:25 pm

wxJavaScript makes it possible to use JavaScript for writing system scripts, rich client applications and server side scripts together with wxWidgets, sqlite, MySQL, GD, ...

Today I've released wxJavaScript 0.9.72. Read more on http://www.wxjavascript.net

The change log:

- memcached module introduced. Use it for caching data between the execution of scripts.
- GD module is ready. Create full JPEG, GIF and PNG images in JavaScript!
- moving wxColour, wxColourDatabase, wxSize and wxRect to ext module
- GetFieldRect of wxStatusBar changed to return a wxRect
- Started to make it possible to initialize classes with a JSON object (wxPoint, wxSize for example)
- Add set, decBy, decTo, incBy, incTo and scale to wxSize
- Applied patches 1787384, 1787383, 1787382 and 1787380
- Solved bug 1787322
- mod_wxjs: HttpRequest --> adding properties: unparsedURI, URI, user, parsedURI, methodNumber
- wxHTTP works now without GUI (only in wxJavaScript shell, not in mod_wxjs)
- Solved crash on destruction in wxFileDialog (because of new wxWidgets version)
- load method can be used to load modules dynamically when the script is run
- added escapeHTML, escapeQuotes and escapeShellCmd to mod_wxjs
- Call JS_GC instead of JS_MaybeGC to make sure all objects are gc'ed when a script ends (this solves the problem with databases that are not closed after running a script)
- tpl: default path is the path of the currently executing script. For the old behaviour pass script.root to the the engine
Use wxWidgets in JavaScript: GLUEscript

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