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wx-devcpp 6.7beta released

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:35 am
by tbreina

We're proud to announce the release of wx-devcpp 6.7beta.
IMHO this release is well worth the upgrade.

Release 6.7 beta contains the following new features/ bug fixes.

1) Merged Dev-C++ Code base(now supporting GNU GCC 3.4 compiler
2) Latest wx-Widgets library 2.5.4 from CVS(UpCase & Malcolm Nealon)
3) Support for Custom File Names in Project Creation.(Tony)
4) Support for wxSplitterWindow.(Guru)
5) Support for Enum Based Control ID.(Guru) **1** (see below)
6) wxHtmlWindow event Bug Fix.(Guru)
7) Now Sizers can be added in a frame even if we already dropped a toolbar
or statusbar or popupmenu.(Guru)
8) Fixed Bug #1162774 - Window or Sizer controls are not fully visible when
toolbar or statusbar are in the frame.(Guru)
9) Ability to specify wx's standard ID for the Controls.(Guru)
10) Fix for running wx-devcpp in multiple instances.(Guru)
11) Fixed a nasty bug where the form keeps growing big when a Window control
is dropped into a Sizer.(Guru)
12) Options to manipulate the Designer Form Options (like snap to grid, grid
size etc).(Guru)
13) Designer Components Alignment Options (To Grid, Vertical, Horizontal
etc) (Tony).
14) Small mods in Mal's tutorial help file (Tony & Malcolm Nealon)
15) Dev-cpp project files for all the wx sample files(Malcolm Nealon)
16) Updated CVS source usage for collaboration. (Tony & Marek).
17) Gnu Debugger (gdb) has been upgraded to version 6.3. (Tony)

**1** : Although the old #define declarations are maintained for backward
compatability, all users are strongly advised to convert their code to the
new enum based control ID declaration. Instructions for this are posted at

The wx-devcpp team:
Guru Kathiresan
Tony Reina
Malcolm Nealon

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:51 am
by Jorg
Good work guys!

- Jorgen