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ANN: DialogBlocks version 4.15

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:38 pm
by dsilvia

DialogBlocks just keeps getting better and better!;) The latest version adds still more elements. Since 4.10, there have been many additions and modifications. You can now add helper functions you write yourself and DialogBlocks regenerates them in the file should they go missing (file disappeared or mistakenly removed, or replaced with an older version). And there are many global settings to allow you to tailor the way DialogBlocks opens new projects.

Also, the Visual Studio integration has become more streamlined with DialogBlocks differentiating between free Visual Studio Express and the paid versions and generating solution files to match your installation.

Julian has been making it easier and easier to build complete wxWidgets applications and includes automatic inclusion of wxHelpController suited to the platform for opening your supplied help files. It's as simple as adding the name of the help file to the DialogBlocks wxApp properties.

And it's still free to use for 30 elements or less per application and any and all builds of wxWidgets for any and all platforms!

Have a look at:

You won't believe how easily and quickly you can complete an application! And as always, there's plenty of support and help both at and at the anthemion-devtools