ANN: wxPCRE released - a wxRegEx drop-in replacement

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ANN: wxPCRE released - a wxRegEx drop-in replacement

Post by protocol » Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:37 pm

wxPCRE 0.2.2

I've finally released wxPCRE. I engineered it to be a 'drop-in' replacement for wxRegEx (full support for all* wxRegEx methods and flags). I have already implemented it in my current projects (the deployment was very fast).

In most cases you can:

1.) rename the wxRegEx constructors to wxPCRE

2.) then define wxPCRE_ONLY - this defines the wxRegEx flags, but the const values are set to PCRE equivalents.

I have also added some improvements (in comparison to wxRegEx).

It has been successfully compiled and deployed on Win32, Mac 10.4, and Ubuntu systems.

* Note: The only overload not supported is Match(wxString, int, size_t)

Since I never saw the outcome of: ... 37147.html; I decided to fill the void.

Thanks a million to all wxWidgets contributors!!
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