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wxJS 0.9.2 is released

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:47 pm
by fbronx
The main goal of wxJS is to port the wxWidgets library to JavaScript. It can be extended with other modules (sqlite, expat, ...), it contains an Apache module for using JavaScript/wxWidgets on the server.

This release contains the following updates:
- io: solved a bug with wxSocket. wxSocket needs a wxApp now.
- All: An empty string resulted in undefined
- wxStandardPaths is used to find modules.xml
- Introduced new module: tpl, a template engine
- Solved bug 1620648: wxJSScript defines methods/variables on the global object
- Added include method on wxJS
- wxJS methods can be used directly (i.e. wxJS.print can be written as print)