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ANN: The Operation was a Success! But the Doctor Died!

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:08 pm
by dsilvia
Thanks to a lot of input from various quarters, wxWidgets Code Exchange has
undergone some considerable cosmetic surgery, and the operation has proven
largely beneficial.

Notably, a navigation bar has been added to appropriate pages and the
(somewhat tedious) verbage at the top of the home page has been moved to an
about page. Entry interface is now much cleaner.

New on the block is the RSS feed. Now you can keep track of changes from your
browser/feed reader/email client.

A quick 'Cheat Sheet' for RegEx reference has been added. The link to it pops
up whenever invalid RegEx patterns for searches are entered.

Also, a lot of existing functionality has been enhanced and some potential
problem areas identified and dealt with.

Just more effort toward making getting code downloads quick and easy! :D

Dave S.