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ANN: wxWidgets Code Exchange: facelift and enhancements

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:28 pm
by dsilvia

Got some feedback from various places, not the least of which was from members of wxForum. In light of that, changes were made. Also, new functionality was added, e.g., finer detail sorting and searching (text and regular expression) in Title, Description, and Author categories, and more...

Stop by and check it out!;)

Dave S.

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:02 am
by Jorg
Some comments on the theme used. If you really want this to be a wxWidgets code snippet site, loose the green and grey background, it really does not match together.

Consider adopting the theme of the original wxWidgets site to give it a mre integrated look and feel. Also use arial or some other font like verdana for your site, the standard font by Mozilla is horrid, and I never had a reason to change that and never will because every new install I do I end up changing it anyway.

So, get a logo at the top that equals the wxWidgets site, try to adopt the white background with blue, yellow and red as the main colors.

Just some suggestions..

Also, one of the possible use-case scenarios is to add my own snippets right? I enter the site, get a big pile of text to read, cannot see in one instance where to start and how to submit. The average surfer only spends 4 seconds on a new site if they are not really interested, they are gone and your site is long forgotten.

I miss a menu. I suggest:
- About -> put the reason why the site is made, here
- Submit Snippets
- Download Snippets
- Manage Snippets
- Contact

Those are the important keypoints of your site, for my feeling I spent way too much time searching for how and, I have to read 12 lines of text before my first cup of coffee. ;-)

Make your purpose clear in 2 lines, offer quick links to make the user decide what to do next, and try to avoid a lot of text with unclear directions what to do next.

Sorry if this comes on to you a bit too harch, I only want to give my 2ct. to make the site more succesful

- Jorgen

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:35 am
by dsilvia
Jorg wrote:Some comments on the theme used. ... Sorry if this comes on to you a bit too harch, I only want to give my 2ct. to make the site more succesful
- Jorgen
Thank you for the input! :D

Not harsh at all, just to the point with no express or implied denigration. I'll need a bit of time to digest and assimilate. Naturally, I have a design objective in mind also (yes, believe it or not, I actually thought about what/how I wanted to make a presentation { :shock: } and didn't just create a site as "a toy for kids to play", to borrow a phrase!;) ) and I'll need to figure out how to merge the two. Not to detract from their work, but I don't want to just copy another site, that would eventually evolve into just a duplication of effort. There are some things about other sites that I find too "busy" and I've sought to avoid them and go directly to the meat of the matter. That's why what semblance of a menu there is deals exclusively with getting to the downloads and taking a look.

I do realize, however, that my aim is quite focused and I am probably missing some valid issues I need to address. So, thx again! :D

BTW, I'm not sure how the impression that this is a Snippets site got started, but it is in error. Note the fact that one of the code categories is "Snippet". It would hardly make sense to have a Snippet of Snippet (??!!) And I'm not sure how one would have a "Snippet" Application or Tutorial (2 other code categories). I'd really like to dispell/eliminate this impression. Any thoughts?

Dave S.