wxDev-C++ 6.10 released

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wxDev-C++ 6.10 released

Post by gururamnath » Wed Nov 01, 2006 6:40 am

Hello all,
The wxDev-C++ Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 6.10 beta.

http://wxdsgn.sourceforge.net/ for more details.

New features:

*VC++ Compiler Support:
We officially support VC2003, VC2005, and VC6 compilers. The installer ships with wxWidgets 2.7.1 pre-built with VC2005.
Our hope is that the community will step up with pre-built versions of wxWidgets using the other VC compilers. On initial setup, the VC++ and SDK paths are automatically detected in the registry and added to the compiler setup.

*Multiple Project profile support like VC++ :
Projects can be switched "on-the-fly" between different compilers using VC-like profiles. Templates and project .dev files can store most profiles.

*14 new wxwidgets components:
wxDialUpManager, wxHtmlEasyPrinting , wxMediaCtrl , wxRichTextCtrl , wxSTC, wxCalendarCtrl, wxPasswordEntryDialog, wxTextEntryDialog, wxOwnerDrawnComboBox , wxMultiChoiceDialog, wxSingleChoiceDialog, wxTreeListCtrl, wxMessageDialog, wxHyperLinkCtrl.

*Automatic Event creation on Component Double Click.:
Double clicking a component triggers the default event creation for that component.

* Migration Wizard :
Automatically updates pre-6.10 designer forms to the new format.
6.10 use a cleaner designer form format. Existing projects will be automatically updated to the new format when they are initially loaded.

*New docking windows:
Replaced wxDev-C++'s inspector windows with JEDI JVCL docking manager windows. This makes for better floating and docking plus gives a cleaner look to the property/class/file inspector.

* Sof.T's wxDev-C++ Programming Book :
Sof.T's created a PDF book for programming with wx-Dev-C++

*Added the Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down shortcut keys for source navigation

Bug fixes:
*Changes to Control ID view to easily find the duplicate IDs.
*Bug fix for Control combo not getting updated on insert or deletion.
*Spaces in file/directory names are now allowed.
*Protect class names from illegal characters and reserved words.
*Fixed the Goto function and on double click of component will take the cursor to the assigned function.
*Fixed compiler setting not read by the Template.
*Fixed Form's Delphi Name is showing up when the select parent is selected on an item whose parent is the base form (Bug #1455738).
*Fixed Control list not getting updated properly on insert and delete.
*If XRC is activated, create a blank XRC file on project initialization.
*Fixed many bugs with code completion, from function name parsing, to code tooltip appearances, to proper function parameter highlighting.
*Fix for Bug#1432495 - Crash on Form Close.
*Fixed cut/copy/paste from the event property inspector.
*Fix for wxBitmapButton (Bug #1435728, 1554549).
*Bug report #1060562 - corrected text as per Tony's email viz. ('Please select the Toolbar FIRST and then drop this control into the Toolbar.').
*Fixed single-line assembly regular expression.
*Fixed many bugs with code completion, from function name parsing, to code tooltip appearances, to proper function parameter highlighting.
*Fixed issues when make returns nonzero, we should not run the executable since it is actually an error.
*Moved compiler output parsing to Regular Expressions.
*Fixed splitter error (Bug #1427314).
*Fixed crash when changing creation order (Bug #1434228).
*Fixed events tab (Bug #1435734).
*Fixed no exports for DLL (Bug #1436335).
*Fixed missing border alignments (Bug #1442891).
*Fixed duplicate sizer creation (Bug #1448535).
*Fixed crash when changing form options (Bug #1455511).
*Fixed wxListBox (Bug #1459358, 1525055).
*Fixed menu bar affects height of status bar (Bug #1496564).
*Corrected sizers (Bug #1518675).
*Fixed staticbox class declaration (Bug #1548846).
*Disabled F12 Full-screen mode until bug can be fixed properly.

ps: Use of Contrib and Third party components requires the users to manually add the corresponding lib file in the profile. This process will be automated in the next release.

The wxDev-C++ Team.

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