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Any one to join our project?

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:26 pm
by cecilio
I hope this is the right place for this message. If not, excuse me.

I'm the project manager of LenMus open source project ( It is developed using wxWidgets.

We are looking for someone who would like to join our project and take responsibility for building the Linux/Unix distribution (the same applies to Mac OS X, if any one is interested).

Currently we all work in Windows and we don't have knowledge about these other platforms. But we have tried to code all the project in a platform independent way. So we expect that your work will be mainly compiling in Linux, testing, and some minor changes in code to suit Linux issues. The task also include the design and preparation of the installer/distribution package. Currently we are releasing a new version every two months, so after the first Linux building you will have to devote little time to our project.

But, of course, if you would also like to join as developer you are welcome. In any case, this is a non-commercial project and we are all volunteers that work on this on our free time. We do this to learn and to help others with our software. No special wxWidgets skills are required, only your commitment to finish what you choose to do.

If any one is interested just send me a PM or write me at cecilios at

Thank you.

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:59 pm
by eranif
What environment are using for Windows? (CodeBlocks, VS, etc?)

Are you using some kind of source control, CVS, SVN?

If you send me a link to your svn, cvs, I can try and compile it for you on Linux


Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:25 pm
by cecilio
Hi Eran,

Thank you for your reply.

>> What environment are using for Windows? (CodeBlocks, VS, etc?)
>> Are you using some kind of source control, CVS, SVN?

I work with MS Visual Studio 7.1. The project is hosted at Sourceforge (, and the SVN repository has read access for anyone. If you are going to work on this project you will need a Sourceforge account and I will give you write access to the SVN. Also I will send you some guidelines about how the program is structured as well as any information and all the help that you could need and that I could give you.

>> If you send me a link to your svn, cvs, I can try and compile it for you on Linux

Thank you. I appreciate very much your offer. The svn can be accessed checked out with:

svn co lenmus

But, please, take into account that we are looking for a regular collaborator, not just an occasional collaboration to do a test or a compilation. Our idea is to start releasing also Linux versions (and Mac OS X if we get another collaborator) and that requires someone to take this duty, although if he/she does not involve in development his/her workload would be less reduced. Would you like to join us?

If you are not decided, perhaps you could help us and the wx community by preparing the Linux distribution for one wx component that we programmed for our project: wxMidi. It is hosted at wxCode and, in any case, it is necessary to start with it as it is needed for the rest of the project. In this case it is just preparing the makefile for Linux (I suppose this must be very simple), compiling and testing with the sample provided. And once done, package it for Linux distribution (I suppose this is just preparing a tar file with all the files). This package is very stable and I usually only update it once or twice a year, mainly because a new translation is available. You could start with this and later you would decide.

By the way, I was looking looking at your wxFlayNotebook control a month ago because I have plans to change my current MDI program interface to to a tabbed interface. Good job.

Thank you and best regards,