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A Card Game - Some one test it once in Linux, pleeeeeeease!

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 7:12 am
by kani
I have created a Card Game using wxWidgets.
Currently alpha, with no bells(icons) and whistles(options/configurations).

Kindly let me know your thoughts on the application, if you get to run the same.

Till now, no one has got back to me regarding the Linux version I have uploaded. If you are a Linux user, kindly - please please - download and run it once. Just to see whether the static linking that I have done is fine and it would work with a normal Linux distro with GTK2.0 but with/without wxWidgets shared library. This small help (and if possible a screenshot) will be very much appreciated!

The help provided by/through the forum has been invaluable as far as the development of the application was concerned. Big thanks to all!

Thanks in advance,