Casting a Pointer to the Frame

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Earned some good credits
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Casting a Pointer to the Frame

Post by spflanze » Thu May 14, 2020 3:53 am

I have several wxGrid derived objects in a frame. The wxGrid derived class has a method I added, and need to debug. As a debugging aid I would like to set a break point when the method is called for a specific instance of that wxGrid derived class. I attempted to do that using the this pointer, and setting the break point within an if statement's compound statement:

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if( this == (TIA_DesignerFrame*)GetParent()->A1GridinData )
  // Break point on some dummy statement here
A1GridinData: is an instance of the wxGrid derived class
TIA_DesignerFrame: Is the wxFrame derived class

The error I get is:

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C:\Engineering_Software\TIA_Designer_2020-03-20\src\Utilities.cpp|1160|error: 'class wxWindow' has no member named 'A1GridinData'
I attempted to solve this by adding the statement:

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#include "../TIA_DesignerMain.h"
to Utilities.h , and I got many syntax errors.

Is there a way to get a pointer to the frame, and caste it to type "TIA_DesignerFrame*", short of declaring a temporary global variable which would be set to "this" in TIA_DesignerFrame's constructor?

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Re: Casting a Pointer to the Frame

Post by PB » Thu May 14, 2020 5:28 am

You should use C++'s dynamic_cast to cast a pointer to the base class to the derived class. E.g., if you have a pointer to a wxWindow (such as returned from GetParent()) where you know it is an instance of TIA_DesignerFrame (which is also derived from wxWindow, with few other classes in between), you would do

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TIA_DesignerFrame* frame = dynamic_cast<TIA_DesignerFrame*>(GetParent());
If the conversion could not be made, because the parent was not a TIA_DesignerFrame instance (or was nullptr), frame will contain nullptr. Otherwise, you now have an instance of TIA_DesignerFrame and can access its members.

And obviously, the file where the code above is run must have an access to TIA_DesignerFrame declaration (i.e., include the header where it is declared).

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