Example on Define Custom Persistent Controls

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Example on Define Custom Persistent Controls

Post by samsam598 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:40 am


I tried to learn how to do persistent/serialization in C++/wxWidgets and find this from the doc:

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Defining Custom Persistent Windows

User-defined classes can be easily integrated with wxPersistenceManager. To add support for your custom class MyWidget you just need to:
1.Define a new MyPersistentWidget class inheriting from wxPersistentWindow<MyWidget>.
2.Implement its pure virtual GetKind() method returning a unique string identifying all MyWidget objects, typically something like "widget" 
3.Implement its pure virtual Save() and Restore() methods to actually save and restore the widget settings using wxPersistentObject::SaveValue() and wxPersistentObject::RestoreValue() methods.
4.Define wxCreatePersistentObject() overload taking MyWidget * and returning a new MyPersistentWidget object.

But I have no clue on how to make a running program,for example,a drawing canvas that remebers its contents when open it the next time; and also ,does wxPersistentManager also work for any other classes/objects created in pure C++?

Tips or a piece of running example would be much appreciated.
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Re: Example on Define Custom Persistent Controls

Post by doublemax » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:05 pm

I don't know a complete sample for that. I can only suggest to look into some of the current implementations in <wxdir>\include\wx\persist
Use the source, Luke!

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