setting borders in exel sheet Topic is solved

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setting borders in exel sheet

Post by naveen2525 » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:28 am

i would like to set allborders to my exel sheet cell through coding please help me

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Re: setting borders in exel sheet

Post by PB » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:55 pm


on the wxWidgets side you have to use wxAutomationObject, see oleauto sample how to use it. On Excel side, you need to either use Range.Borders property or Range.BorderAround() method etc.

You could also give my wxAutoExcel library (currently only SVN version available, requires MSVC 2008 and wxWidgets 2.9.5) a try, this is how you would do it using it (from its minimal sample), much less painfull than using plain automation calls

Code: Select all

    // obtain a rectangular area containing all worksheet cells with values
    range = worksheet.GetUsedRange();    
    // add medium-weight borders on the outside and thin-weight on the inside
    wxExcelBorders borders = range.GetBorders();
    // format the totals row
    range = worksheet.GetRange("A4:E4");
    wxExcelFont font = range.GetFont();
    font.SetSize(font.GetSize() * 1.5);

    // set the cell background to light grey

    // merge the first four cells
    // get the range for cell with the total sum
    // using another method of specifying a range - row and column
    range = range.GetCells(NULL, WXAEEP(5L)); // wxAEEP is a helper macro for passing pointers to longs and Excel enums
    // add a thick double-lined blue border around the total sum
    range.BorderAround(wxAEEP(xlDouble), WXAEEP(xlThick), NULL, wxBLUE);

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