the border corlor of wxPanel Topic is solved

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the border corlor of wxPanel

Post by yangweiwei » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:55 am

i want to set color of wxPanel's is,when the mouse over my panel,then the border color changed.
someone point any ways.thank you very much..

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Post by Auria » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:22 pm

There are a couple stock borders that can be set with styles : ... l#wxwindow
wxBORDER_SIMPLE Displays a thin border around the window. wxSIMPLE_BORDER is the old name for this style.
wxBORDER_DOUBLE Displays a double border. wxDOUBLE_BORDER is the old name for this style. Windows and Mac only.
wxBORDER_SUNKEN Displays a sunken border. wxSUNKEN_BORDER is the old name for this style.
wxBORDER_RAISED Displays a raised border. wxRAISED_BORDER is the old name for this style.
wxBORDER_STATIC Displays a border suitable for a static control. wxSTATIC_BORDER is the old name for this style. Windows only.
wxBORDER_THEME Displays a themed border where possible. Currently this has an effect on Windows XP and above only. For more information on themed borders, please see Themed borders on Windows.
If they don't fit the look you want, you will need to draw on the panel (see wiki for examples)
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