Drawing on a transparent Fullscreen Dialog

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Drawing on a transparent Fullscreen Dialog

Post by Sickboy » Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:58 am

I have created a wxDialog and use SetFullscreen(true) and SetTransparent(0), to make a transparent fullscreen window.
Now i try to draw a rectangle on it.

void myClass::OnPaint(wxPaintEvent &event)
wxPaintDC dc(this);
wxBrush brush(255,0,0),

But i can't see the rectangle. If i delete SetTransparent(0) the rectangle will be drawn correct but the background isn't transparent :-/

Any idea how to solve this problem ?

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Post by JimFairway » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:24 am

If you're using Windows, you can catch the wxEraseEvent with an empty function( thanks to lvdlinden teaching me that one).

Code: Select all

void OnErase( wxEraseEvent &e )
    // do not clear background
OS: Vista SP1, wxWidgets 2.8.7.

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