probleme with popupmenu and wxListCtrl

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Earned a small fee
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probleme with popupmenu and wxListCtrl

Post by j » Fri Aug 03, 2007 1:16 pm

Hi All,
I explain you, i have my wxListCtrl, i would like when user click on an item, display a popupmenu and when user click on a menu, display what contain my item in my console.

this is my code in my event table

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EVT_LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK(XRCID("m_buddyListCtrl"), MyFrame::OnColRightClick)

this is my function call when user click right

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void MyFrame::OnColRightClick(wxListEvent& event)
    wxMenu menu(wxT("Delete"));
        menu.Append(LIST_DELETE, _T("&About"));
    PopupMenu(&menu, wxPoint(event.GetPoint().x,(event.GetPoint().y)+110));
so for now all is ok and running, now when user clique on "About", i want the item display in my console, the problem is how get this item !

so in my event table i've that :

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EVT_MENU(LIST_DELETE,  MyFrame::OnDeleteContact)
But now i block here !
well if somebody have info on that .... :arrow:

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Post by benedicte » Fri Aug 03, 2007 5:04 pm

Maybe you can simply get the currently selected line in the listCtrl when you enter the "OnDeleteContact" function.

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