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by ssigala
Tue Sep 06, 2005 4:33 pm
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: StretchBlt - what function in widgets ???
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Sickboy wrote:Theres no stretch blit function, but you can stretch your bitmap if u use it as image :wink:

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        bmp = wxBitmap(image.Scale(32, 32));
What is the wxImage::Scale() algorithm quality? Is it tuned for quality or speed?
by ssigala
Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:37 pm
Forum: Announcements and Discoveries
Topic: ANN: wxPdfDocument 0.5 released
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Excellent work utelle!!!
by ssigala
Sat Sep 03, 2005 1:16 pm
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: wxWidgets Article!
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Good work Priyank! This will catch more wxWidgets users!
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 5:23 pm
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: ShowModal and long response times
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Re: ShowModal and long response times

I'm creating a modal dialog. Sometimes, depending on when I create this dialog in the code, the ShowModal can take a very long time to respond once I click a button to close it. Here is an example: if (dlg.ShowModal() == wxID_OK) { bConfirmed = true; } I have a simple dialog with a static text fiel...
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 6:37 am
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Button bitmap with 2.6.0
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priyank_bolia wrote:

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Any body have a idea, what this is doing after loading the image, it that necessary. I haven't used it.
I suppose MatthewDP want to do something like: load the bitmap from the disk or (if cannot load) create at least an empty bitmap.
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:36 am
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Toolbar and wxIFM
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Its going to be really anoying to fix properly, because there is no way to add a global offset to children or painting within wxIFM, and all of its positioning code relies on the fact that (0,0) in a DC is in the same spot as (0,0) in the client area. This means that standard wx toolbars are not su...
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:17 am
Forum: wxDev-C++
Topic: delete key is not active
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Re: delete key is not active

ssigala wrote: Please post a snippet of code. How/when/where are you getting the key events? Are you catching the EVT_CHAR (wxKeyEvent) event?
Oops, I thought you were talking about wx, not Dev-C++ :)
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:14 am
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Bitmap button problem?
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Re: Bitmap button problem?

Can I get the event for on left Button down for bitmap button, i.e. the event for pressed, not clicked one? I want to do some processing and display different selected bitmap at run time. ANY IDEA? EVT_LEFT_DOWN and EVT_LEFT_UP are your friends (or only EVT_MOUSE_EVENTS):
by ssigala
Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:10 am
Forum: General Development
Topic: Connect through USB with embedded devices
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wxWidgets does not offer an API for serial port trasmission. If you plan to use a USB2serial converter, it is very easy to handle (in Windows) because Windows virtualizes the devices into a serial port (e.g. COM4), so all terminal applications see the device like any other serial port. If you take a...
by ssigala
Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:59 pm
Forum: Compiler / Linking / IDE Related
Topic: Problem with DialogBlocks
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Re: Problem with DialogBlocks

The application apprared to compile fine but NO WINDOW would show up. This is a common problem that happens when you do not remember to add the main window ID to the application: If you update to the latest DB version, a warning will be shown if...
by ssigala
Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:02 pm
Forum: Platform Related Issues
Topic: [wx2.6] wxProgressDialog stalled on Linux after Update
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Very strange... m_pMainFrame is the actual parent when the OnLogin() function gets called, or there is another frame (perhaps a dialog)?

Try changing m_pMainFrame with NULL and see if something change.
by ssigala
Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:20 pm
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Non-Rectangular buttons
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Re: Non-Rectangular buttons

priyank_bolia wrote:How to have elliptical buttons?
You have to write your own button class, deriving from wxControl, drawing the button in the pressed/released states and handle mouse/keyboard events.

But I'm sure you find something already done, this was a common question.
by ssigala
Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:13 pm
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Switching between 2 panels inside the same frame
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Suppose you have three pages (panels) and you want to show only one at time. Costructor: MyFrame::MyFrame(...) { // ... m_sizer = new wxBoxSizer(wxVERTICAL); this->SetSizer(m_sizer); // page 1, the default one m_page1 = new wxPanel(this, wxID_ANY, wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, wxTAB_TRAVERSAL); ...
by ssigala
Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:00 pm
Forum: C++ Development
Topic: Fl problem ? May be... I don`t know
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Re: Fl problem ? May be... I don`t know

Problem: then I work with my documents (open, create new, select another open document), my toolbar become active, although before these operations it is unactive, and no text objects are selected. IMHO the toolbar buttons are automatically enabled/disabled in the doc/view framework only when a sta...
by ssigala
Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:29 pm
Forum: Platform Related Issues
Topic: Should MDI be implemented on Linux?
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Drawing all the captions and so on in a certain way is possible, as I have already said, but that doesn't give a native look. Unfortunately this was the same problem that other tookits had in the past, and they resolved it by drawing their own child windows caption (better than nothing). Anyway, un...